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Single Disc BDP 43 450 C Adv
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16 Mar 2016
1 unit

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Very convenient and powerful high-speed machine with planet carrier. For polishing and cleaning.
Standard accessories:
• Mains operation

Technical data
Working width (mm) 432
Working height (mm) -
Intake performance (W) 1400
Motor rating, additional -
Brush speed rpm 450
Sound level (dB(A)) 63
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage (V) 220-240
Weight (kg) 45
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 660x430x1180

The BDP 43/450 C Adv single disc machine is perfectly balanced with two robust aluminium bars. The machine polishes and cleans both hard and resilient floor coverings. The machine is also perfectly suitable for applying care products to wooden floors. The high rotational speed (450 rpm) allows thorough and quick cleaning. The maintenance-free planet carrier and the powerful motor are perfectly adapted to each other. A suction unit with ring that can simply be mounted on the dual-bar system is optionally available. This effectively prevents the development of dust. A cable stub and extension cable ensure easy cable replacement. A 15 m cord is included in the scope of delivery.

Features & Benefits
Storage possibilities for accessories - Brush, second brush or accessories can be kept on the hook.
Secure storage, even during transport - Rotatable cord hook, for easy unwinding of the cord. Also serves as cord strain relief and protects the socket plug connections
Large wheels - Can easily be carried over stairs.
Easy to transport, even over longer distances - Can also be transported in the parking position.
Handle can be completely folded down - Machine requires significantly less storage space.
Robust design with oval aluminium pipes and wide handle for good application of force and low-fatigue
Compact dimensions – ideal for transport, for example in a car.
Cable stub and 15 m extension cable
No repair on device necessary (low service costs)
Extension cable available everywhere and very easy to replace - 15 m cord included in the scope of delivery
High-performance motor and all-metal planet carrier.
High torque for efficient cleaning.
Extremely robust and durable design.
Maintenance free
Extensive range of accessories
Systematic cleaning: Ideal accessories for every application
Accessories tailored to the application case, e.g. brushes in different hardness degrees, pad drive boards,
different pads, suction unit, etc.
High-speed machine with 450 rpm - For excellent polishing results
Very quiet operation with high area coverage - Whisper quiet
Can also be used in noise-sensitive areas (e.g. hotel, hospital or office)
Very low deck - Reaches under furniture and radiators
Additional socket - No additional cord is required, which means more efficient cleaning
For suction unit attachment to reduce dust development



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